Speaker Branding With A Capital B!

Speaker Branding With A Capital B!

What are some must-have branding elements for a wealthy speaker? My guest wrote an entire book about it! Jane Atkinson is the author of the Wealthy Speaker 2.0 and the Epic Keynote. She is also a speaker coach and former speaker agent with over 25 years experience helping some of the biggest stars in the speaking industry.

Jane drops by to discuss speaker branding…but not branding in the typical sense, branding with a capital B. Who are you as a speaker? Who do you serve? Why is it so important to get really clear about these things? Jane shares her expertise on some of the brand and website foundations that can really propel a speaking career to the next level.

We discuss a couple of Jane’s pet topics:

  • Promise statements: Find out why promise statements are the cornerstone of a good speaking brand. Also, what should you do when you struggle with crafting your promise statement?
  • Picking a lane: In other words, we can’t be all things to all people, so we have to know who we are and what target audience we serve. This is a big part of a speaker’s brand. Jane weighs in on how picking a lane can set the groundwork for a good brand.

Here are a few relevant links:

Lisa Ford: Jane mentions Lisa as an example of a great, simple, promise statement. I agree!
Patricia Fripp: Jane also mentions a turning point in Patricia’s speaking career.
Speakerlauncher.com: This is Jane’s base of operations. You can learn all about Jane’s services, find her books and listen to her excellent podcast.

I did have one request at the end of the show. Since the overarching theme of this episode is clarity, I want to know, what are you really clear about? Make sure you leave a comment below or shoot me an email at derek@getthegigs.com.

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