Is Your Social Sharing Showcasing Or Shouting?

Is Your Social Sharing Showcasing Or Shouting?

I’ve been helping Derek with the growth of his social media following – especially on Twitter, along with his social sharing, and I’ve noticed a disturbing trend amongst many of the speakers and speaker coaches he’s chosen to follow. Said speakers don’t seem to grasp the “social” concept of social sharing.

Social Sharing: Should Showcase, Not Shout!

I get it. Of course you want to share your own blog posts, ideas and savvy snippets from your public speaking journey.

As a speaker coach best practices are your bread and butter, and sharing those is smart.

But the way you go about sharing best practices, tips, tricks, and articles is as important as the shares themselves.

Too much “it’s all about me,” mucks up the works. Social is about sharing, not shouting from the rooftops.

Shouting on social media isn't about ALL CAPS or bold text. It's the what and when of your shares!Click To Tweet

You’re not posting in all caps, and Twitter doesn’t allow you to bold your text, so how on earth can your sharing be compared to shouting? Here’s how:

  • You only share your own content, over and over and OVER again.
  • When someone tweets or retweets something you’ve shared or published, you don’t respond – AT ALL, but you do RT your own content.
  • You’ve set up a ridiculous automated DM to go out to all new followers.
  • You tweet the exact same tip (no revisions or changes to the text) three times in the same day, sometimes within the same hour!
Are you crowing about past accomplishments or creating opportunities to connect?Click To Tweet

Crowing Does Little To Create Connection

When it comes to effective social sharing, it’s important to consider the intent and purpose of your shares.

Of course you’re trying to effectively showcase your expertise, your speaking or consulting success, your product and/or services.

But social sharing is about balancing your best bits with the best bits you’ve found while interacting with others across the social space. You haven’t created ALL the content your given subject, now have you? Of course not!

Social sharing is about delivering the best content, the best ideas, the top tips to your audience. And you can’t do that alone.

Do you have a coach or mentor? Are you part of a mastermind or peer group? Do you read a lot of industry or niche articles? If you answered yes to any of those three questions you have something else to share!

Social Sharing Answers Questions

And your own content isn’t the only answer. Sometimes it’s not even the correct answer.

Guess what? You’re not the great and powerful, Oz. You don’t have all of the answers.

When you share the answers provided by your peers, colleagues and even your competitors, you showcase knowledge and an understanding that you don’t know it all. When you’re secure enough to share the ideas, best practices and smarts of your peer group, you’re sharing and being social, rather than shouting.

You can strut your smarts and ALSO share the smarts of others!Click To Tweet

When you answer the question, you win, even if the link shared doesn’t lead back to your own site. You’ve made the day of the individual who asked the question. You’ve also created an opportunity to connect and build a real relationship – with that individual and with the expert whose advice you shared.

Showcase Knowledge, Even If You Didn’t Publish It!

Sharing is caring. When your audience feels cared for they’ll continue to seek you out for answers and eventually you might make a sale, land a speech, get the gig.

Smart sharing involves providing the best information, even if you didn’t create it.

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