Show Up and Shine with Kent Julian

Show Up and Shine with Kent Julian

Kent Julian has worn many hats throughout his career. He’s been a youth pastor, a meeting planner, a youth speaker, author / co-author of seven books, and now, a corporate speaker. Making the transitions needed to pull off a multi-role career isn’t easy. But, if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s Kent. Kent has seen the stage from many angles which gives him a “big-picture” vantage point of what it means to have a successful speaking career. In this episode, Kent talks about how it all comes to together.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • How did Kent get started as a youth speaker?
  • “If you can speak in front of young people, you can speak in front of anyone.” It can be challenging to reach a student group…but when you do reach them, it’s phenomenally rewarding.
  • What are some of the challenges of marketing to a youth market?
  • Revolving door marketing strategy…what is that?
  • Here’s a solid tip- bring value early on in the client interaction!
  • Kent goes back to his days as a youth pastor in which he also had to play the role of meeting planner. He talks about the difference between the speakers he would never hire again versus those that he couldn’t wait to work with again.
  • What are the parallels between a youth and corporate audience?
  • How does Kent know when he’s nailed it with an audience?
If you can speak in front of young people, you can speak in front of anyone.Click To Tweet

And finally…

What are 3 things speakers can do to get more gigs?

Here’s the links I promised in the show notes:
Kent’s Youth Speaking Site
Kent’s Live it Forward Event

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