On the Road Again with Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis is a road warrior who logs 70-80 dates per year. He hits the road that much because he likes it and for him, that’s how many dates he wants to do. Ryan has crafted the exact career that he wants thanks in large part to a great website and effective marketing. Ryan drops by to discuss his rigorous schedule as well as the decisions that he’s made that have allowed him to do so.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • How did Ryan get his start as a speaker? How did he start laying the groundwork before he left his full-time job?
  • Always bet on yourself!
  • Ryan’s schedule is nuts. He’s like a band that has a new album out.
  • What’s coming up for Ryan? (Besides a lot more speaking engagements)
  • It’s all about incremental progress…
  • Ryan had three “grand slams” in terms of marketing. He ramped up his blogging, hired a sales and marketing person, and put a lot of effort into his website.
  • We talk about Ryan’s awesome website. He got some great feedback from his clients and peers.
  • This keeps coming up but hiring a professional photographer is so important.

Here’s Ryan’s site: http://ryanestis.

Ryan has used marketing to position himself for the career he’s always wanted, which is what marketing should do! What can you do with your marketing to position yourself? Is what you’re doing now positioning you for the career you’ve always wanted or for something else? You know I want to hear from you. Leave a comment below or shoot me an email at: derek@getthegigs.com

Thanks for listening!

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