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Podcast Re-Launch: Call For Guests

After far too long I’m returning my attention to the Get the Gigs podcast. You may, or may not, have noticed that I posted a new episode late last week. And I’m working with my productivity and content manager (also known as my wife) to set up a smart schedule for both recording and publishing new episodes.

While I’m still interviewing speakers, I’m planning to focus on a few key areas for discussion and I’d like to interview some specific individuals.

The main, or focus, topic I’d like to cover with my keynote and professional speaker guests is simple, but also affords a lot of opportunity for discussion and creativity. I’d like to focus on the “future of speaking.” How do you and your peers see our industry changing in the next five, ten, twenty, even fifty years? If you have something to say on this topic, I hope you’ll scroll down and sign-up to record an episode of the podcast with me.

Another area on which I’d like to focus is one tied to my work as a web designer. As most of you know my tie to “public speaking” is my work in personal branding and web design. Interested in why I chose to focus on speakers? Check out this quick read. User interfaces, user experience – also known as UX, is a topic I’ve long wanted to discuss with fellow designers and speakers who focus on using their online presence to assist in getting gigs. If this is something you’d like to discuss with me, please hit the link below to set-up a time to record.

Lastly, I’d like to line-up a series of interviews with speaker coaches. I’d like to better understand the different methods speaker coaches employ to ready their clients for the stage, from presentation and presence to behind the scenes techniques and tips to actually land speaking engagements.

What’s next? Sign-up for a recording time. It’s simple. I’ll reach out to you after we’ve scheduled a recording session to share any pre-recording needs.

I’m really looking forward to recording some great episodes and taking the Get the Gigs podcast to the next level.

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