Harnessing Social Media To Get More Speaking Gigs

Harnessing Social Media To Get More Speaking Gigs

Social media … it’s a big, untamed, and potentially intimidating world. It’s also a world that’s full of potential when it comes to networking and getting more speaking gigs. We know about the potential because my guest has been getting the most out of social media for years. Phil Gerbyshak is a speaker, trainer, author, and social media advocate.

Some of the topics we discuss:

  • How can you deliver a relevant social media message?
  • How can you use social media as a networking tool?
  • How can you use social media to be seen as a thought leader?
  • When do you for ask for the sale versus asking for a conversation?


    • Phil offers some valuable insight on tempering expectations. Should we really compare our social sharing content to light-hearted viral content? What is the difference between and engaged social audience versus one that is just massive?
    • Email lists- Social media can be a great way to build your list.
    • You can use social media to package yourself as a potential solution.
    • What are the 3 categories of people you will interact with on social media?

Finally, we have a real conversation about being real. Authenticity is a big part of social media. How can we make sure that we’re sharing the right kind of content? Where is the fine line between sharing and oversharing? How can we be clear about what we’re selling?

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If you want to engage with Phil, you can check him out at: philgerbyshak.com

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