Scott McKain: When Good Isn't Good Enough

One of the worst things that can happen in business is to get lumped in with everyone else. I’ve been there! It’s not enough to be good at what you do, you have to stand out from the crowd. Scott McKain has built his career around helping business create distinction and stand out from the herd. He’s written books about it, given countless speeches and now, drops by the show to offer some solid advice.

What we talked about:

  • This is oddly overlooked in so many businesses….
  • “I’m good at what I do” isn’t good enough.
  • Why did Scott’s bookings dip every four years?
  • What are the four tenets of distinction?
  • “You cannot differentiate what you can’t define.”
  • What can you do to stand out in a crowded field?
  • At one point Scott actually fell into a trap of lack of distinction.
  • Websites! What can you do to make yours stand out?
  • “Most people run from their own uniqueness.”

Some links:

Here’s Scott’s podcast. Add this to your subscribe list (alongside Get the Gigs, of course!) because it’s good. Make sure to give Scott a 5-star rating in iTunes.

Scott’s website. What do you think about his site? Did Scott do a good enough job creating distinction?

It would be great if we could all have a conversation about creating distinction with Scott. Maybe the next best thing is for you and me to have a conversation about creating distinction in your website. I invite you to schedule a 15 minute call so that we can talk about your website. No sales pitch, just a conversation that’s all about you. If that’s sounds good to you, head to the contact page and we’ll get you on the calendar.

And hey…thanks for listening!

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