Finding Your Unfair Speaking Advantage With Dr. Michelle Mazur

Finding Your Unfair Speaking Advantage With Dr. Michelle Mazur

Do you have a speaking advantage or do you have an UNFAIR speaking advantage? Dr. Michelle Mazur of Communication Rebel drops by to talk about finding your unfair advantage.

Michelle’s journey as a speaker started in a high school speaking class. Despite being a mediocre speaker at the time, Michelle made an effort to improve her speaking skills and make speaking a cornerstone of her career. From there, Michelle went on to earn a Ph.D. in Communications and worked briefly as a communications professor for the University of Hawaii.

Today, Michelle is a speaker with over 10,000 public speaking hours under her belt. She also coaches speakers through her company Communication Rebel. Michelle has shown hundreds of speakers how to find their unfair speaking advantage.

Here’s some of what we cover in this episode:

  • Michelle became a communication rebel by questioning everything around her. In her words, “If you follow all of the rules all of the time, you’ll look and sound like everyone else.”
  • Some of the DUMB advice for speakers that Michelle has heard over the years.
  • Michelle is a big fan of Sally Hoghead’s “How to Fascinate” system. Sally’s system highlights 7 styles of communication and helps you find your strongest style.
  • What does an unfair speaking advantage look like? In other words, what’s that .01% that makes you stand out?
  • We talk about Michelle’s website which is brimming with personality.
  • There’s more of that “branding with a capital B” stuff. Remember that episode?
  • Brand damage? That sounds bad!
  • Stand out or don’t bother.

Make sure you check out Michelle’s site.
And her Facebook group.

Finally, I issued a call to action at the end of the episode. What’s your greatest strength as a speaker? How can you leverage that to your advantage, particularly in your website and marketing?

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