You Don't Have a Sales Problem, You Have a Branding Problem with Jeremy Miller

Branding. What a big, sprawling term. In a sense, what aspect of our business isn’t impacted by branding? Luckily, I’ve got a really smart branding mind as a guest to help us out with that. Jeremy Miller is the founder of Sticky Branding and the author of the book by the same name. Jeremy drops by for a packed conversation about what you can do to make your brand a great one.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • What lead to Jeremy being so interested in branding?
  • What are some of the red flags that you might have a branding problem?
  • When we say branding what we mean is…
  • The evolution of Jeremy as a speaker
  • The book is a game-changer…I hear that so often.
  • What does a speaker have to deal with from a branding standpoint versus other companies?
  • Who are some of the personal brands that Jeremy looks up to?
  • Man, Scott Stratten’s come up so often on this show!
  • Your brand is your universal truth.
  • When Jeremy wrote his book he researched a lot of successful companies. The one thing that blew him away about their brands was…
  • Jeremy’s website and marketing budget is how much???
  • What’s in a name? A lot!
  • What happens when the brand doesn’t reflect your personality?

Make sure you check out Jeremy’s site.

With all that said, I have a question. What is your brand saying about you? If someone were to look at your website, how would they say it describes you? This is something I want to help you out with (for free!). All you have to do is shoot me a link to your website at or you can leave a comment below. I will respond with my unbiased thoughts in hopes of helping you get some clarity about your brand.

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