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Staying Authentic, Being Prepared, and Stealing the Show with Michael Port

When speaking, should we show up and wing it, or prepare for our role the way an actor would prepare for his or her time on the stage? Michael Port’s book, Steal the Show, shares some great insights on how approaching the stage like an actor can help us deliver a much better product to our audience. Also, what does it mean to be authentic? What can we do to steal the digital show?

Called “an uncommonly honest author” by the Boston Globe, a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal, and a “sales guru” by the Financial Times, Michael Port is a NY Times bestselling author of six books including Book Yourself Solid, The Think Big Manifesto and his hot new release, Steal the Show.

Interestingly, he is probably the only NY Times bestselling business book author to have also been a successful professional actor, guest starring on shows like Sex & The City, Law & Order, Third Watch, All My Children and in films like The Pelican Brief and Down to Earth.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • Rehearsing, technical aspects, and improvisation: there are a lot of parallels between a trained actor and a good public speaker.
  • Rehearsing is essential but just doing a little bit of rehearsal can be a detriment.
  • When we “wing it” are we good because we wing it or in spite of winging it?
  • If you’re going to be a professional, you need to have a lot of reverence for the stage.
  • What role do you play based on the situation?
  • Having the skills that an actor has can give you more tools in your tool box.
  • How can speakers steal the show and bring authenticity through their websites and digital marketing?
  • When people are reviewing you and considering you, they want to know why you do what you do.
  • How does what you stand for connect to what you offer your audience?
  • What exactly does being authentic mean? How authentic should we be?
  • Can you guarantee a standing ovation? Is that even a good reason to give a speech?

Helpful links!

Here’s the excerpt from the Think Big Revolution Keynote:

Here’s Mike Michalowicz’s awesome site that Michael mentions.

Heroic Public Speaking

Michael’s podcast

Podcast Interview: Show Up & Shine With Kent Julian

Show Up and Shine with Kent Julian

Kent Julian has worn many hats throughout his career. He’s been a youth pastor, a meeting planner, a youth speaker, author / co-author of seven books, and now, a corporate speaker. Making the transitions needed to pull off a multi-role career isn’t easy. But, if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s Kent. Kent has seen the stage from many angles which gives him a “big-picture” vantage point of what it means to have a successful speaking career. In this episode, Kent talks about how it all comes to together.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • How did Kent get started as a youth speaker?
  • “If you can speak in front of young people, you can speak in front of anyone.” It can be challenging to reach a student group…but when you do reach them, it’s phenomenally rewarding.
  • What are some of the challenges of marketing to a youth market?
  • Revolving door marketing strategy…what is that?
  • Here’s a solid tip- bring value early on in the client interaction!
  • Kent goes back to his days as a youth pastor in which he also had to play the role of meeting planner. He talks about the difference between the speakers he would never hire again versus those that he couldn’t wait to work with again.
  • What are the parallels between a youth and corporate audience?
  • How does Kent know when he’s nailed it with an audience?
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And finally…

What are 3 things speakers can do to get more gigs?

Here’s the links I promised in the show notes:
Kent’s Youth Speaking Site
Kent’s Live it Forward Event

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Brand-Building from the Hotseat with Stephanie Melish

What do the early days of a great speaking brand look like? Stephanie Melish, the Double-Tall, Non-Fat, No-Whip Sales Barista is sales coach and keynote speaker. Stephanie talks about how she built her brand and shifted from successful fund raiser and Gitomer Certified Coach to an up-and-coming speaker. Towards the end of the show, I actually put Stephanie on the hot seat to discuss her branding and website.

Here’s some of what we talk about:

  • Is Stephanie a coach who speaks or a speaker who coaches? Does it even matter?
  • Stephanie talks about how her unique job interview with Jeffrey Gitomer changed opened her eyes to new possibilities.
  • What were some of the early game-changers for Stephanie?
  • I completely butcher the title of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.
  • Snapchat? Maybe it’s time for me to take a look at that?

From the hotseat!

  • What is working for Stephanie’s brand? What does she struggle with?
  • Stephanie mentions a blog post from Sylvie McCracken- The 5 key mistakes that entrepreneurs make when hiring help.
  • What about lead magnets?
  • What is Stephanie’s greatest asset for her brand?
  • What are the next steps for Stephanie?
  • Stephanie talks about how she manages her branding team.

Make sure you check out Stephanie’s website. (it’s a nice site, don’t you think?)

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Mind Reading, Gate Crashing, and a Near-Death Experience with Benji Bruce

It makes sense that someone with a career like Benji’s would be an interesting and lively podcast guest. Benji Bruce has been on stages since he was 10 years old. Benji mixes his mentalist and mind-reading performance with solid ROI for his unique brand of “infotainment.”

Benji drops by the show to talk about his journey from a young performer to a sought-after speaker and speaking coach.

Here’s a little bit of what we tackle:

  • Benji talks about his early days on the stage and how being a child performer has instilled a sense of comfort with being on stage.
  • The age-old question, to cuss on stage or not to cuss.
  • When did Benji make the decision to go from performer to speaker? What did he do to make sure there was plenty of ROI in his presentations?
  • Benji offers his take on what makes a good speaker website.
  • What extremes has Benji gone through to get gigs throughout his career? (This is a funny story- make sure you catch this part!)
  • Find out how a brush with death at an early age changed Benji’s outlook on life.
  • In hindsight, maybe I should have asked Benji to read my mind.

I had a lot of fun interviewing Benji. He’s funny, opinionated, and genuine. Make sure you take a look at a couple of his site:

His corporate speaking engagement site
His Speaking Lifestyle coaching site

Beni really does video well. On both of his site, I highly recommend watching a few of his videos.

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How to Craft a Great Presentation with Lou Heckler

How to Craft a Great Presentation with Lou Heckler

Sometimes we overlook the potential in the moments that are right under our nose. If there’s one thing Lou Heckler is great at, it’s finding the teaching potential in everyday, normal, moments. In addition to being a veteran of TV and radio and a Hall of Fame speaker, Lou is also a speaking coach who helps speakers hone their presentation skills. Lou weighs on what makes a good presentation, particularly, the little things that we can do to make an audience connect with us.

Here’s some of what we cover in this episode:

  • How can you drag out something that’s really interesting about yourself and use it in a presentation?
  • What are some of the biggest presentation mistakes that Lou often sees?
  • “If you ain’t scared, it ain’t big enough.”
  • What does Lou do to push himself?
  • What is delightful jeopardy?
  • What can you do to tie your presentation back to your brand?
  • It is possible to learn how to be funny and add that humor to your presentation.
  • There are opportunities to enhance our speeches with humor and stories everywhere. We just have to be observant.

Make sure you visit louheckler.com and check out the coaching services that Lou has to offer.

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