Better Blogging: Size DOES Matter!

Better Blogging: Size DOES Matter!

That title could come across as rather click-baity, but I promise that the words about to fill your screen actually hold true to the promise in the title. I am, indeed, stating that size matters when it comes to your better blogging efforts. If you want your best blogging efforts read and shared, you need to consider size. Type size, that is …

Type Size Matters!

I’m 47 years old and my eyesight is still pretty dialed-in. That being said, I far too often find myself squinting on many a site that hasn’t jumped into the twenty-teens when it comes to type size and web design.

Tiny type and dense paragraphs aren’t likely to prompt repeat reads or social sharing. And don’t get me started on tiny type in a gray so light there’s no contrast with the white background. That’s another blog post entirely.

Legibility & Better Blogging:

There’s a difference between legible and readable.

(of handwriting or print) clear enough to read.
“the original typescript is scarcely legible”
synonyms: readable, easy to read, easily deciphered, clear, plain, neat, decipherable, intelligible
“large, legible handwriting”

We generally think of legible when it comes to handwriting. Consider the stereotypical doctor’s handwriting. Having worked my way through college as a pharmacy tech, I can vouch firsthand that many a doctor delivered prescriptions in almost impossible to decipher handwriting.

But legibility plays an issue when we’re perusing a blog for shareworthy content.

If I can’t SEE the content without squinting, because it’s too light, too small, or is delivered with a grungy typeface, we’ve got a legibility issue.

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Legible + Readable = Killer Content!

Only if your content is legible will many a social sharer take the time to suss out whether it’s readable and, thus, ripe for social sharing!

Almost every content marketing expert under the sun has published a list of better blogging musts. I can certainly summarize here with a list of my own …

  1. Headers to highlight important sub-topics within the post …
  2. Shorter paragraphs …
  3. Proper word choice, ditching the geek speak and jargon
  4. Careful and calculated use of images and graphics to hone in on the point …
  5. Etc.

But let it be shouted down from the rooftops, no one’s going to critique the length of your sentences and paragraphs when they’re bemoaning the 10 point type in front of their tired and watering eyes!

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Bump Up The Volume AND Type Size!

The days of default 12 (or even worse, 10) point type should NOT be looked back to longingly. There’s nothing nostalgic about inducing nausea and migraines amongst your readers.

This site’s default type size, making use of all the loveliness that a carefully selected Google Font has to offer? 18, baby! And my type color default is BLACK on a white background.

When you make it legible, you give your readers the chance to decide whether your content is readable. And when it’s legible and readable, it’s more often deemed shareable! And isn’t that what better blogging is all about?

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