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Mind Reading, Gate Crashing, and a Near-Death Experience

It makes sense that someone with a career like Benji’s would be an interesting and lively podcast guest. Benji Bruce has been on stages since he was 10 years old. Benji mixes his mentalist and mind-reading performance with solid ROI for his unique brand of infotainment. Benji drops by the show to talk about his […]

How to Craft a Great Presentation with Lou Heckler

Sometimes we overlook the potential in the moments that are right under our nose. If there’s one thing Lou Heckler is great at, it’s finding the teaching potential in everyday, normal, moments. In addition to being a veteran of TV and radio and a Hall of Fame speaker, Lou is also a speaking coach who […]

Finding Your Unfair Speaking Advantage With Dr. Michelle Mazur

Do you have a speaking advantage or do you have an UNFAIR speaking advantage? Dr. Michelle Mazur of Communication Rebel drops by to talk about finding your unfair advantage. Michelle’s journey as a speaker started in a high school speaking class. Despite being a mediocre speaker at the time, Michelle made an effort to improve […]

Putting Personality Into A Personal Brand w/ Michael Hoffman

Personality! It’s a big part of building and maintaining a personal brand. For over twenty years, Michael Hoffman has been helping companies build sales, radically shift their culture, develop their leaders, and engage employees in delivering true customer service. Right off the bat, you’ll notice Michael’s big, funny, and energetic personality. Michael dropped by to talk […]

Harnessing Social Media To Get More Speaking Gigs

Social media … it’s a big, untamed, and potentially intimidating world. It’s also a world that’s full of potential when it comes to networking and getting more speaking gigs. We know about the potential because my guest has been getting the most out of social media for years. Phil Gerbyshak is a speaker, trainer, author, […]

Speaker Branding With A Capital B!

What are some must-have branding elements for a wealthy speaker? My guest wrote an entire book about it! Jane Atkinson is the author of the Wealthy Speaker 2.0 and the Epic Keynote. She is also a speaker coach and former speaker agent with over 25 years experience helping some of the biggest stars in the […]

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Speakers Make With Their Websites

Here’s the bad news … most speaker websites have at least one serious issue that’s hurting that speaker when it comes to getting booked. Now for the good news … if you fix these website issues, you’re on track with some serious potential for separating yourself from the pack. Want EVEN MORE good news? Fixing these issues doesn’t have to be […]

6 Pages You Need To Nail On Your Speaker Website

How many website pages do you need to have a high-converting speaker website? It might be a lot fewer than you expect. In fact, most of the really good speaker sites are lean, with less than 10 pages that are all hyper-focused. In this episode, we’re sharing a simple 6-7 page framework for a smart speaker site. We’re […]

Welcome to the Get the Gigs Podcast!

At long last, the Get the Gigs podcast is live! I’ve had this podcast on my mind for a while, so I’m very excited to finally get it launched. I want this podcast to be a great resource for professional speakers and people who want to use speaking to promote their business. I’ve rounded up […]